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Dalla mia esperienza  la mia grammatica per le classi 3^,4^,5^ della scuola primaria  in un volume unico

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New edition

Conversation activity cl 3 by me.ppsx DESCRIBING PEOPLE SPEAKING ACTIVITY BY ME.ppsx EASY DESCR.CL 3  BY ME.ppsx I like by me.ppsx what is it, what color , where is it by me.ppsx where can I buy  be me.ppsx Christmas i have  who has.pdf domande mie.pdf have got-haven't got conversation cards by me.pdf jobs speaking cards by me part 1.pdf jobs Speaking cards by me part 2.pdf like-don't like cibi by me.pdf short answers 1.pdf short answers 2.pdf short answers 3.pdf SPEAKING CARDS  A BY ME.pdf SPEAKING CARDS 2 a BY ME.pdf SPEAKING CARDS BY ME 1.pdf Speaking cards by me 2.pdf SPEAKING CARDS FOR ADJECTIVES PART   3 BY ME.pdf SPEAKING CARDS FOR ADJECTIVES PART 1 BY ME.pdf SPEAKING CARDS FOR ADJECTIVES PART 2 BY ME.pdf INTRODUCING PEOPLE  by me 2.ppsx DESCRIBING PEOPLE2.ppsx PAESI.ppsx family in hte morning by me.pdf in the morning by me.pdf at home.pdf in town.pdf at school.pdf playground.pdf 2 DAILY ROUTINE.ppsx BOY-GIRL, NATIONALITY, AGE, ADJECT.pdf conversation + alphabet + quiz.ppsx describing people  + conversation.ppsx MESTIERI  + conversation.ppsx mestieri - conversation.ppsx to be + animale + conversation.ppsx aggettivi - conversazione.ppsx mestieri e conversazione.ppsx name birthday age by me.ppsx description2.pdf Read and complete 2.pdf cartellini con nazionalita e telefono.pdf cartellini con indirizzi e telefono.pdf CONVERSAZIONE eta e presentarsi.pdf eta.pdf what are they doing.ppsx multiple choice game BIS.ppsx 2 by me PRESENT CONTINUOS WITH GARFIELD BIS.ppsx REVISION CONVERSATION.ppsx CONVERSATION DIALOGHI REVISION.ppsx ANIMAL - CONVERSATION.ppsx body- conversation.ppsx clothes , conversatio 15-10.ppsx dialoghi-conversazione TEST 2.pdf dialoghi-conversazione 12-1-2016.pdf DIALOGHI conversazione  13-1 -2016.pdf DIALOGHI  CONVERSATION test.pdf PRESENT CONTINUOS 5-2 BIS.ppsx SIMPLE present, conversation 13-2.ppsx PRESENT CONTINUOUS - CONVERSATION  27-2.ppsx CONVERSATION- PREPOSITIONS 27-2.ppsx body- conversation- descrivere persone -.png animals- conversation, descrivere immagini  22-3.png conversation.descrivere immagini-prepositions.pdf HOUSE - FAMILY- CONVERSATION- DESCRIVERE IMMAGINI.ppsx anni, conversazione 7-2.ppsx describing people-vestiti-conversation.ppsx conversation -quiz 22-3.png INTRODUCING PEOPLE - conversation- numbers.ppsx have- school objects- conversation 7-1-2016.pdf have- school objects- conversation  6-1-2016.pdf have-school objects cards 2.pdf have- school objects cards 1.pdf AGGETTIVI- CONVERSATION- descrivere immagini 19-1-2017.pdf AGGETTIVI- CONVERSATION- descrivere immagini 19-1-2017 part 2x.pdf conversation-presentazioni  22-1-2017.ppsx conversation 25-3-2017.ppsx emotions- conversation 11-11-2017.pdf

Speaking game with rules

EMOTION-CONVERSATION part 1.pdf EMOTION-CONVERSATION part 3.pdf conversation- general revision 2-8-2018.pdf DESCRIBE THE PICTURES-present continuos-prepositions conversation.png greetings - conversation - family - revision 14-8-2018.pdf clothes doll girl conversation.pdf clothes doll boy conversation.pdf aggettivi- conversazione 1-1-2019.pdf aggettivi- conversazione 2-1-2019.pdf CASA describe.ppsx CASA DESCRIBE 2.ppsx body- CONVERSATION2019.pdf body CONVERSATION 2-2019.pdf conversation 18-2-2019.pdf conversation 17-2-2019.pdf speaking 5-4-2019bis.pdf dialoghi-greetings-nazionalità-conversation-general vocabulary.pdf dialoghi-general vocabulery- greetings-conversation.pdf conversation-dialoghi-greetings-revision-nationality- 14-8-2019.pdf conversation-nazionalita16-8-2019.ppsx EMOTION-CONVERSATION part 2 riparato.pdf JOBS- DIALOGUES- CONVERSATION 1-1-2020.pdf jobs- conversation-cibi-can- revision.pdf 1 conversation jobs places can like phone.pdf actions - conversation 22-4-2020.ppsx
conversation 18-3-2022.ppsx