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Dalla mia esperienza  la mia grammatica per le classi 3^,4^,5^ della scuola primaria  in un volume unico

miei prodotti editoriali

New edition

america by me.ppsx Scotland (by me).ppsx Scotland (By me).pdf royal family  1 by me2.pdf royal family  1 by me2  PP.ppt america and usa by me.pdf sports by me.ppsx London.pdf london 2.pdf civilta.ppsx CIVILTA bandiera.pdf The Union Jack.pdf paesi.pdf saint george1.pdf Saint Georg2.pdf saint george story.pdf Princess baby girl.ppsx princess 2.pdf princess.pdf princess 3.pdf london presentation.ppsx ROBIN HOOD PLACES BY ME.ppsx SHAKESPEARE ‘S LIFE.ppsx William Shakespeare.pdf Shakespeare  color by number by me.pdf harry e meghan 1.pdf harry e meghan 2.pdf harry e meghan 3.pdf reading- civilistion - daily routine  20-1-2019.pdf USA 7-2-2019.pdf statue.pdf

London lapbook

Buckingham.png doc1.png etichetta libro.png LONDON PICTURES.png map.png memory 2.png pockets2.png QUEEN.png SIMBOLI 2.png titolo.png travelling 1.png civilisation jubelee.pdf civilisation QUEEN ELISABETH  II JUBILEE.pdf queen elisabeth paddington.pdf Queen Elizabeth II.ppsx queen elisabeth 11-9-2022.pdf QUEEN ELISABETH  10-9-2022.pdf QUEEN  ELISABETH II 8-9-22.pdf THREE KINGS CHARLES  IN BRITISH HISTORY.pdf king charles.pdf KING CHARLES 24-4-2023.pdf KING CHARLES 23-4-203.pdf king charles 25-4-2024.pdf gran bretagna 15-5-2023.pdf