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casa - house

città - town

classroom language

colori - colors


corpo - body

daily routine

days, months and seasons

parts of the day

describing people

dialogues - dialoghi

English and American civilisation

famiglia - family

festività - holidays

food - cibi


letture - readings

countries and nationalities

Numbers and age

quiz giochi games

school objects

storie e racconti stories

vestiti - clothes


alphabet spelling


School subjects


describing images

greetings and introducing people

General vocabulary

First lesson

Festa della Mamma 2013:

biglietti, lavoretti, striscioni, coccarde, bandierine, festoni, poesie, filastrocche, cornicette, disegni, segnalibri, pagelle, letterine...

heart day

Materiale didattico: schede, PPT, LIM

Worksheets, Power Points, Smartboard

Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas Easter halloween Thanksgiving christmas easter Covers  Diplomas  Invitations Posters, name tags... copertine Posters invitations diplomi

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